Vivian Pearl Earrings


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The Origins of the Vivian Pearls Earrings.

The Vivian Pearl Earrings are a Bellissima staple. Along with many other Bellissima pieces, these earrings are more than just accessories. The Bellissima Founder, Sophia Alvarez, has been in love with pearls her whole life. In fact, she would prefer to receive a pearl necklace over a diamond one. Even though diamonds are more in currency value, pearls are worth more in personal value. To Sophia, pearls are the embodiment of feminine beauty. They are classy and elegant, and also makes a statement without even speaking. They also remind her of her grandmother Esperanza, who grew up loving pearls, as she grew up in the 50's and 60's. A love for pearls is something Sophia and her grandmother share, and something that will always bond them together.


♡ Hypoallergenic 

♡ Lead and Nickel Free

♡ Non Tarnish

♡ Won't turn your skin green

♡ Can Be Worn in Water



- gold plated over stainless steel

- gold filled